Your car as a better servant.

Carsnap can replace your dashboard and your car's key. Now you can stop the engine, lock it up, set the alarm and shutdown all functions with a single swipe without even look at your phone! Furthermore, when you borrow your car to someone, you'll know in real time if your car is in good hands.

You expect your car to behave like a true Alfred:

I'm home, secure all

1 - Alfred, I'm tired, so please take care of everything: turn the lights off, set the alarm, lock all the doors and whatever needs to be done, just do it.

   - Yes, sir, right away, sir.


also, I want to leave in comfort

2 - Alfred, I'll be downstairs in 5. Prepare my car, please, and keep the engine running.

   - Yes, sir, right away, sir.


and are you in good hands?

3 - Alfred, keep an eye on Robin. I don't want him to mess with my car in the city. If anything bad happens, just let me know.

   - Yes, sir, right away, sir.

car telematics application

Why this approach?

Securing your car when you get home or prepare it for the road should never require anyone’s full attention. Taking your kids from kindergarten for example and getting them on the car might be a stressful situation: “Andy, leave you brother alone.” / “Danny stop running and put your coat on.” etc. If you know that your app is in the left corner of the screen, you just open it and swipe somewhere in the middle of the screen without even looking at it.




 * 1 - when it's open and it's pressed, it shuts down everything like heat, music, lights, ventilation, air conditioning, windows are closed etc.;

2 - when it's closed , then pressed, the car is reading your preferences and heats up the chair, defrost windows and mirrors etc. If it's needed, will run the engine of the car. All those options can also  be activated separately.

Social part of the story

Borrowing your car to… your teenager for example, is like you’re having a verbal contract: “I agree to give you my car until Monday, when I need it to go to work. Don’t drive outside the town, take good care of it and fill it up on your way back.” Of course, there are a few scenarios to explain and for that we need to set up some key notions for drivers:

• primary access driver (PA). Ex. Maria Larsson (mother);

• permanent full access driver (PFA) Ex. Michael Larsson (father);

• limited access driver (LA) Ex. Sonya Larsson (daughter) and Nicholas Friedman (neighbour).

• access drivers list with ease;

• see their performance and if your car is in good care while they're driving it;

• adjust their access level to your car if needed.

Social vector, a great opportunity

More important than creating a tool like using a car from your couch, is creating an infrastructure.

Seems like the millenials don’t care that much about ownership as previous generations are. Their mindset is more into sharing and therefore we might see a tremendous opportunity in making such app being part of the sharing economy. With a valuation of 40 billion dollars in 2015, Uber is a vivid example of this point of view.

Social dimension of this app means more than family and friends:

  • insurance companies will have a truly measurement tool of a person’s driving style;
  • car rental companies can use this app almost right of the box;
  • can be obtained in real time an aggressiveness coefficient of drivers on some area, behavioral traffic trends, anticipation;
  • important correlations between driving styles and car service requirements and many more.

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