Heka brand (name given after the ancient Egyptian God) is the name for the new hospital established by Dr. Mohamed Zaher (Constanta, RO). The new health center with inpatient care has a broad types of medical services, having in mind all social statuses and offering a higher capacity of patients’ care. Unlike many other private hospitals, Heka’s purpose is to deliver most of its services for free (up to 70% of them). This is extremely hard to achieve, especially in a country whose economy is struggling and political crisis continues to escalade.

The reasons behind the ideation and creation of the image symbol and the brand name were as following:

• name is short, easy to remember;

• totally different from the current market stereotypes such as: “life”, “medical”, “pro” etc. which, of course, on the other hand are playing their role well by being easy to be recognized as health institutions without supplementary description;

• the logo shape is rooted in Egyptian mythology and symbolizes the primordial magic power and principle. The medicine and doctors at that time were perceived under a magical aura and the Heka priesthood provided body and soul healing services alike.


Accepted visuals

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On flat backgrounds (the main variations):

On image or blurred backgrounds:

(follow the same color scheme as above for more variations):

Examples with outline rectangles around the logo:

(follow the same color scheme as above for more variations):

Examples for footer usage (follow the same color scheme as above for more variations. Dimension is not mandatory.):

Logo's personal space:

Forbidden brand symbol usage

Without limiting to those situations, don't use the logo:

• as part of in line text or bullets;

• as a decoration;

• if is partially shown;

• too abundantly in presentation materials or prints;

• next to symbols promoting opposite values.

# FFFFFF (White)

# 6FB2FB

# 7F8DA7

# 292F35

# 000000 (Black)


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