Adrian is the kind of professional you always want to work with. Communicative, enthusiastic, helpful and above all: extremely knowledgeable and skillful. His contribution delivers more value than one could possibly expect or ask for. Don´t miss the opportunity to work with him, it is a true joy!

Sebastian Desand - CEO at Adaptive Simulations AB
E-mail:: sebastian.desand@gmail.com
Stockholm (SE)

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Hej Adrian! All I can say is wow....
I showed your work to my daughter who is starting her third year in the media program. Her specialty is editing images. She is very god at it and she says she can do it but not in that precision you did. She also is amazed...

Maud Sjöberg - Founder and CEO Bolagsdesign
E-mail: maud@bolagsdesign.se
Stockholm (SE)

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To keep it short, I would not recommend anybody to hire Adrian if the position available doesn't involve creativity, is not challenging or doesn't allow him to showcase his imagination.

Bogdan N. Pavel
Senior Developer and Usability Expert
Phone: +353 539 174 002
E-mail: hi@bogdanpavel.com
Cork (IE)

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I have worked with Mr. Adrian Costea in different projects and he always provided us very high quality services. He is a resourceful, creative and solution‐oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to his assigned projects.

Aura Hazotă - Managing partner / ADITUS VERO
Phone: +40 722 357 488; E-mail: office@aditusvero.ro
Sibiu (RO)

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Thank you, Adrian. I couldn’t even dare to hope for such a brilliant book cover. You are indeed made of creative loam.

 Philosophy Prof. Dr. Mircea Marica
(Ovidius University, Constanta (RO))
Phone: +40 724  316 153; Email: marica.mircea@yahoo.com

As the manager of Isis Hospital, I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. I consider Mr. Adrian Costea to be one of the most responsible members of our organization and our community and, in my opinion, Mr. Adrian Costea's unwavering devotion to his community exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual, he is generous and kind, always thinking of others and would be an excellent member in your organization and your community.

Dr. Mohamed Zaher - Isis Hospital General Manager
Phone: +40 0341 463 344
E-mail: office@isis-med.ro
Constanta (RO)

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I rarely see such commitment and great work in detail and without no doubt we’ll work with him again if we need it. Please fell free to contact me for any further details if you need.

Arthur Gonoretzky  - Founder and CEO visib.com
Phone: +5511 8119 28282; E-mail: ag@visib.com
Santana de Parnaiba (BR)

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Although I have more then 20 years experience in photography, I can say with a lot of gratitude that Mr. Adrian Costea has revealed to me some exceptional techniques in improving my quality work. He is very notorious in our city for building amazing designs, always well focused on his work, always improving his skills.

Cristian Martinetz - Professional Fashion Photographer
Phone: +40 727 867 399

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You will find a very creative mind, eager to conquer any obstacle and solve any problem. I approached him because of the quality of his work and many business people in our town, Constanta, started to talk about him in flattery terms. It was like he owned his zip code.

Iulian Verisan - Professional Wedding Photographer
Phone: +40 723 289 837
E-mail: verisani@yahoo.com
Constanta (RO)

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